Live Stream Key Factors

Four key factors to consider for your live stream setup

There are many possibilities when it comes to a live stream setup – different equipment, platforms and specifications – which can be overwhelming. Truth is, the right setup for you will come down to your budget. Here are a few tips on free platforms, low budget software and equipment, that can take your live streams to the next level.

Live Stream Setup Platforms

Facebook and YouTube are the two main live streaming platforms. Together, these platforms have more viewers than any other and their number of subscribers increases daily.

  • Facebook Live

Launched in 2016, Facebook Live now has 1.5 billion users beating YouTube and becoming the No. 1 platform for live streaming videos. It’s great a platform if you want to get more visibility and reach a bigger audience.

  • YouTube Live

If you already have a YouTube channel or you’re thinking about starting one, creating live videos is very effective to engage with your audience and get discovered during searches. Your live stream has a better chance of showing up on top of the list, mainly because it’s live and YouTube values fresh content.


You need to make sure you have a software to help you out during your live stream, where you can add different functionalities to your live streams and give them a professional video production feel. The team at Top Speed Media will use their software to push out your live event across Facebook, Youtube and Twitter. Sending the live event to these multiple platform at once, is complicated, but the team at Top Speed Media are experienced in making this happen. The reason that we offer multiple platforms, is purely because different audiences will have a different preferred platform. Your audience may have only one of these platforms, but more platforms means more opportunity to share your event.

Our software is able to use multiple video sources, to create transitions and easily switch between showing a professional camera, desktop, mobile camera and more. Your live streams will be way more interesting to watch. And yes, you can turn your phone’s built-in camera into a webcam, placing it as an extra video source or even your main source.


  • Video Camera

High Definition Video Camera’s are essential to live stream any events. High Definition devices will give you a clearer and crispier image. The camera’s that Top Speed Media Team use are able to record in 4K resolution.

  • Multiple Camera’s

To take your live streams one step further, by having more than one high definition camera. This setup gives the ability to play around with camera transitions and points of view, creating a dynamic live video. The team at Top Speed Media have access to seven high definition camera’s. The amount you chose to use in your live stream event will be determined by your budget.

  • Mobile

Make the most out of your resources and use a mobile phone as one of the live video sources. You can stream directly through your phone, if you’re on the go. The team can show you how. Get in touch to find out more…

  • Microphone

The sound quality of any live stream is extremely important because, well, no one likes noise. The sound can also be extremely complicated. An external microphone can come in really handy to help suppress unnecessary noise and give your live stream a better quality. The team at Top Speed Media have a vast amount of experience on creating near perfect sound quality whether it be an outdoor or indoor event.

  • High Performance Computer

There are no specific requirements for a computer to do live streaming, but the software used during your broadcast might have some specifications. The team at Top Speed Media are keenly aware that the computer’s performance is directly related to the outcome of your live stream. So we only use powerful and updated equipment. If our computer doesn’t perform well, your live stream could suffer or even crash. To date after three years of live streaming we have never had a dropout. We know that this is something that no other company can boast of.


One of the most crucial elements of a great live stream setup is the internet connection. Top Speed Media bring their own internet, so we take care of this important aspect of live streaming. To stream High Definition videos, a high upload speed is required. To date after three years of live streaming we have never had a dropout. We know that this is something that no other company can boast of.


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