Four out of five people will consider flaking on an event they’ve already bought tickets to. In fact, 47% of people in the US flaked on an event in the last month, according to new research from Eventbrite and OnePoll. What’s going on here? Are people just jerks?

The fact is, people have more choice than ever about how they want to spend their time. And during an event-packed holiday season decision making can become increasingly spontaneous.

For event creators, though, it can be harrowing. After all, the success of your event depends upon a room full of excited, engaged attendees. Every empty spot seems like it has a spotlight shining on it. So your job is to reign in all that spontaneity and turn it into commitment.

The infographic below tells the story of how people commit (or don’t), why they sometimes change their mind last minute, and how to combat that phenomenon to fill up the room.

why people are flakey