What is User Generated Content & Why Should You Use it?

We promote our products on the social media with the aim of getting more clients to buy our products and services. User generated content survey shows that people will pay more for products.

The content has the potential to affect sales, both negatively and positively. In simple terms, the advertisers understand what their clients need.

They position the products in their best light and omit any details that may reduce the desire to buy products.

They allow you to view what you need to view. This is dishonesty and may impact negatively on the business if not properly use.

You will lose your clients due to trust issues. As a business owner, you should know to effectively use the User generated content to positively influence decisions.

Examples of User Generated Content

McDonalds Photoshops

McDonalds uses the perfect light with a few photoshop tools to make their hotel look like a resort for the viewers.

In 2013, a survey confirmed that 76% of consumers think that ads are exaggerated. 1 in every 5 respondents in the survey confessed that they will not buy a product based on its advertising.

In 2015, a separate research was conducted to ascertain how consumers rank different brands based on integrity.

The research revealed that people’s perception about the marketing industry is not good. Many brands are extremely dishonest and promise what they cannot deliver; all for making more sales. Some brands were even ranked below 4%. This is not so good for the business.

The User generated content is more effective since it is not coming from the advertisers who hide a lot of negative details about their products just to sell. UGC eliminates speculations, thus, providing an authentic buying experience.

IKEA’s Social Catalogue

In the recent past, IKEA made an offer for their fans in Norway. In the offer, the fans were required to post a picture of any products  from the IKEA catalogue.

They were directed to add an ikeakatalogen hashtag before posting the product on Facebook to stand a chance of winning.

This gave people the chance to create a digital version of their catalogue instead of simply uploading what they already had.

Within a record of 4 weeks, all their products had been uploaded on the internet. This increased its popularity in Instagram  across the country.

Dune London’s Product Pages

User generated content has a major impact on the product page. Dune London discovered the effectiveness  of the UGC  after they added shoppable Instagram photos to their page. They featured real customers trying out their products in the photos.

Dune London discovered that the interaction of shoppers with the User generated contents increased sales by 82%.

The reason behind this increase is simple, people like buying what they see, especially if the products fit perfectly on the wearer. It  improves their confidence and trust about the product.

Warby-Parker’s Hashtag Warbyhometryon

In the recent years, Warby- parker started giving their clients five pairs of glasses to try on at home.

They could pay for the glasses they like the most and mail back the ones they were not willing to pay for.

Warby-parker encourages their customers to try on the different glasses and post photos of themselves wearing the glasses with the ‘warbytryon’hashtag.

This strategy has greatly increased their online customers.

Gopro’s YouTube Channel

GoPro kick-started the User generated content movement several years ago. They worked their customers’ content into their marketing strategy.

By 2013, the daily upload of GoPro videos on YouTube was 6,000. This has massively increased over the years to more than 40 million videos and 5 million subscribers.

It is the GoPro that pioneered the User generated content. It takes pride in owning a channel on Virgin American Airlines and the Xbox Console.

Their entertaining contents range from world class skiers, base jumpers leaping from towering landmarks, and pelicans learn to fly.

T-Mobile break-up Letters

T-mobile invited the frustrated cell phone users to submit break up letters. The users were required to state the frustrations they were experiencing with their current provider and a detailed reason for leaving. In exchange, T-Mobile would pay the related switching costs.

Users submitted their letters and some even shared the letters to social media. The campaigned have garnered more than 67 million social impressions. What more could one possibly ask for?

Lululemon:  Thesweatlife Hashtag

It is never a walk in the park to order an active wear from online. The clothing has to fit. For Lululemon line, the clothing has to fit while you are contorting your body into a human petzel.

Thesweatlife hashtag campaign encourages clients to share their photos while sporting the brand’s gear. This inspires internet users to work out as well as promoting the company’s products.

Factors you should consider before launching User generated content into your marketing strategy

The Goal of your User Generated Content Campaign

User Generated Content

The effect of User generated content on your business largely depends on how you plan the contents.

If you intend to increase lead generations, a campaign that solicits customer reviews by providing social proof will be the most appropriate.

Ensure that you know what your objectives are, then structure the content towards achieving these contents.

Remember to communicate the objectives to your customers as early as possible. Show them how they can benefit from your plan.

A Legal Specialist

There are different rules to regulate giveaways in different locations and different collection mediums.

These rules can be complicated and hard to comprehend. Consulting a legal specialist will help you avoid legal misinterpretations.

Negative Energy

User Generated Content

Prepare your social media team for anything. Not everyone who sees your product will love it. Post the product.

Let the followers comment on the product. This way, you can gauge their love for the product and address the positive criticism for the betterment of your products.

Know the best way you can deal with the negative energy. Some people don’t have the best intentions and may spread false information about your brands just to pull you down. Be prepared to deal with them as well.


• We suggest you ignore the negative vibes and only address what adds value to you and the customers.

• Closely monitor the submissions and pick only the best piece of User generated content for your marketing campaigns.

• Have a dedicated team to catch any harmful information before many users see it. Alternatively, use the National Geographic approach.

Here, users will submit all contents via your website. You will be in a position to eliminate the offensive contents from the public.

• Collecting value driven User generated content is more effective than simply using a hashtag to campaign.


Various users generated content survey show that UGC is the most appropriate way to appeal to many customers.

You should use the User generated content appropriately to give a long-lasting impression about your brand.

Use a designer-friendly web software to create your landing page and use the UGC on the landing page.

Creating the content can be a tedious affair and should not worry you; contact Landerand you will be connected to an expert from our experienced team to help with UGC strategy and assist you to incorporate them on your landing page.

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