Setting Up a Rendezvous link

Setting Up a Rendezvous Link

Before we get started please ensure the following is done;

  1. Please use a laptop with a camera. If a laptop is not available you can use an iPhone, but the device must be held horizontally (side ways), and you will need to use the Rendezvous App. There is every chance that your device will block your microphone. 
  2. It is best to use an ethernet connection. (Wire plugged in for internet)
  3. Please make sure that you have downloaded Chrome
  4. Please have good quality headphones (eg: Apple Airpods) ready to go

This is what the link will look like that you will be sent approximately 60mins prior to the broadcast. The live link will be sent via email. The following link is a test link that will step you through the process in getting your device ready: 

STEP 1: Copy the link into the browser Chrome (Chrome is the only browser to use)

STEP 2: Enter your correct name in the box. This will only be seen by the show producer, it will not be made public. 

You should be able to see yourself via the camera on your laptop. (as above)

STEP 3: Once you have entered your name, click ‘Join’ then you will see a large video. That is what is being broadcast live to the public. 

As well as seeing the video, you should also be able to hear the other guest speaking. 

That’s it you are connected, and ready to go live!

Some helpful settings for you to know about:


Chrome may prompt you to get access to your video and camera. In that case please do so for both. 

These instructions will help you give chrome access to the camera and microphone.