Advanced Google Formulas

Google is a very handy tool that has a suite of products and services available for any event. In this short webinar, one of our team explains the step by step guide on how to use these advanced formulas & techniques to manipulate data & showcase your event. Take your google skills to the next level.

This year the learning curve has been enormous, our staff have learned a number of great tools and techniques to help create a successful sporting experience for any event.

This interactive webinar will be an opportunity for anyone wanting to learn the advanced formula’s and strings to create and develop results publically.

The following will form part of the live interactive webinar:

  • How to use the Importdata formula from one page to another
  • How to setup a rank for data captured
  • How to calculate points and rank these calculations in descending or ascending order
  • How to publish the sheet you want to make public without breaking privacy laws.

Let us know if you have any questions or need further assistance making the choice on which cable to go with for your next production, event, sporting event, or installation.

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